Altrincham has undergone something of a revolution. Very much a tale of two halves, a decaying high street on one hand, and promising new life around the renovated market on the other. It’s quickly become a cherished asset and the offshoots are bearing fruit. The owners of Sugo, the pasta kitchen, a stone’s throw from the market, found each other and inspiration while working at Honest Crust.

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If you decide to dine at Bao, the queue is like a right of passage. Yes, you earn your dinner but stick it out and you reap the rewards. Fluffy pillows of spicy magic await at the end the rainbow…

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A night out in Soho to catch up with a friend and you can be sure the location will be a winner. Wander around and within minutes your eyes will fall on more eateries you can count. Picking is the tricky part.

I’d already savoured one delicious lunchtime at Mildred’s so I was more than keen for a return trip.

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