La vie à Paris est belle.

I couldn’t wait to be back in Paris. I didn’t make the most of the six months I spent here and my new resolution is to return every year, once a year, until I correct that terrible error.

Our first stop, naturally, was for cheese and wine.

Whilst Paris is not short of spots where you can find charcuterie, fromage and copious amounts of wine, it is notoriously short of amicable waiters serving the goods. Whilst this has never put me off for a second, it doesn’t hurt when you come across some warm hosts like at La Vache dans les Vignes.

A stroll along canal Saint Martin from Bastille, this wine shop and delicatessen has a small number of tables for lunch and dinner.


The wine that lines the walls are all available to enjoy there or to take away though be aware if you’re drinking in, there’s a €10 corkage fee. If you’re no connoisseur the staff are more than happy to suggest a few options based on your preferences (and in impeccable English if you need it with not even a hint of condescension).


Cheese and meat boards are matched to your bottle. Again, they’re great at proposing something new to try. We had three delicious cheeses, none of which I’d heard of before, and I have eaten my fair share of cheeses; a delicate goat’s cheese with a distinctive shape flavoured with thyme, Rovethym; a nutty gruyère-like mountain cheese, Petit Lutin; and a classic blue that packed a sophisticated punch, Fourme d’Aubert. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough we also ordered pâte gourmand, yum.


Bonus, you can book! Winning.

Lundi – Mardi
16h – 22h

Du Mercredi au Vendredi
10h30 – 14h et 16h – 22h

10h30-14h et 15h – 22h


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