Brunch at Batch can be a great thing – even better with £5 off.


Taking full advantage of the American Express, small business weekend we headed for a cheap brunch just up the road at Batch & Co.

The brunch menu is quite limited – toasties, porridge or Avo smash on toast. Although, the pastries and cakes also look pretty good so I don’t think anyone would struggle finding something to catch their eye.


Not for the first time we ordered avocado on toast with halloumi and bacon which arrived with impressive speed. Piled high on the plate, it’s always feast for the eyes. The bacon was satisfyingly crunch and the sourdough, delicious.


Sadly though, the avocado portion was miserly and lacking in the attention to detail that made it delicious – the lemon and the seasoning. The halloumi could also have done with a bit more than a flash in the pan on one side, it was missing a bit of colour.


Generally it was fine, and satisfying enough but just a disappointment in comparison to the great experiences we’ve had before. Hardly a surprise since they were doing a roaring trade with the promotion. It won’t put me off a return visit.



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