It may be true that breakfast has been somewhat overshadowed by its on-trend big sister, brunch, but there are places where it’s still the most important meal of the day. In fact, at the Duck and Waffle it can be eaten all day, or all night for that matter. Breakfast is an anytime treat here and I love it.

It might just be me, but I think most people can remember tucking into some stupidly sugary cereal as a child and the elation that ensued but growing up those dreams were crushed by low GI, high fibre, joyless sawdust. In grown up land you can’t eat dessert for breakfast. Wrong. Enter the Duck and Waffle.


Whilst you can go at any time you fancy, provided you’ve got a reservation, I would definitely advise timing your visit to watch the sunrise over London. The view from the 40th floor is hard to beat.

DSC_0030~2 (1)

If you can manage it, a table by the window is the icing on the cake. We moved tables since one became free, not normally something I would do but ‘don’t ask, don’t get.’

It had to be waffles, really. But the choice between sweet and savoury is a really tough choice. I plumped for sweet, as I nearly always do, but only knowing that there would be a portion of the eponymous duck and waffle across the table so I could have my cake and eat it.


The bananas brulée was a picture and unexpectedly great fun. The bananas were topped with a crispy sugar coating that cracked with every spoonful. It was brilliant.


The ice cream (yes, ice cream for breakfast!) was a triumph – probably my favourite thing on the plate. Smooth and held its form for a surprisingly long time probably because, slightly disappointingly the whole thing was cold. I’d expected warm bananas and waffles but didn’t dwell too long I have to say. The Nutella was great and not too sweet which helped overall.


The duck was the winner but it was a close run thing. There’s nothing not to like about tear-apart duck leg with sticky mustard sauce. It was scrummy.


I ordered a portion of fruit salad too but I don’t know who I was kidding. I wasn’t going to Duck and Waffle because I was on a health kick and no amount of nasturtiums are going to make me think the price was reasonable.


Overall, it was something different and a very enjoyable way to start the day. You don’t need to spend the earth to enjoy the view and, let’s be honest, it beats bran flakes hands down.

Duck and Waffle



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