A night up in very foggy Glasgow made brighter by some of the most delicious food I’ve had in a long time at The Ox and Finch.

My first solo business trip was quite a while in the planning and by that I mean I started eyeing up restaurants really far in advance. When you only have one night you have to pick wisely and thankfully, I did.

The Ox and Finch is a stylish little venue serving up tapas-style sharing plates that, understandably, is really making a name for itself.

A table for one, an enormous menu to choose from and a small Rioja in hand, I was perfectly content. Usually I over-order but I’m trying to be a bit more restrained so stuck to a meat and a fish to leave the door open for dessert.


It wasn’t long to wait for dish number one. They do warn you on the menu that dishes don’t arrive in any particular order but still, being served Italian sausage, potato gnocchi, squash, rosemary and chilli ahead of scallops, I was worried I’d be doing them a disservice.


I was only mildly disgruntled, and only for a second, because the gnocchi was one of the best things I’ve eaten in a long while, really fabulous. I love spice and it was smouldering with chilli, delicious quality sausage, smooth purée and light, pillowy gnocchi. It was seriously special. I would have liked a big bowl, or two.


The scallops sadly weren’t up to the competition. Plump as you like, they were beautifully soft and cooked to perfection. Paired with a little of the spiced yogurt you had the perfect mouthful, however, the dhal missed the mark. It was too liberally spiced in the way that you can almost feel the gritty spice texture and if you ate it with the scallops it stomped all over the poor things.


I could have chosen a number of things but played it safe with a dark chocolate crémeux, popcorn, peanuts and banana ice cream. It was all scrumptious, with those flavours it would be hard not to be, but the sponge-based tart left me missing crispy pastry. I’m picking holes, otherwise, it was pretty great.

All round a wonderful night in Glasgow and a restaurant to add to my list of favourites. The price was another lovely surprise. The lot for £26… you’re a long way from London in Glasgow. Back in April so I’ll be booking again.


The Ox and Finch


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