You have to really back your breakfast to hang an enormous banner announcing it on the roof of your restaurant. Luckily, The Glassboat’s confidence was not misplaced, so we’ll forgive them shouting about it.

Moored in central Bristol, the Glassboat Restaurant offers an understated but quality breakfast on the water. The menu is really quite simple but everything we ordered delivered flavour in spades.


The hollandaise was spot on; indulgent and smooth without being cloying thanks to a generous dash of lemon and the eggs well the eggs were really rather good. Happy brunchers all round.


The icing on the cake was the homemade… I want to say raspberry marmalade? It was a interesting sweet, tart mixture and completely new to me, quite whatever it was. Slathered atop doorstep toast with some quality butter, it was reason to visit in itself.


I’m impressed enough to consider returning for dinner, maybe next time I’m in Bristol. Lapped in candlelight I’m sure the setting would be even more atmospheric. If anyone were in need of date inspiration, The Glassboat would fit the bill nicely I’d say.


The Glassboat

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