Bristol, as you would expect, is awash with trendy places to eat and drink. Sometimes though, you just want somewhere quiet, where you’ll be able to get a seat, where it won’t be raucous and heaving and where you can hear the person you’re out with. The Rummer ticks all the boxes.

I wouldn’t put this bar in the trendy category. It’s pretty low key and the décor isn’t great but it does have an extensive cocktail menu, a crackling fire in winter evenings and a great bar menu to boot.


We sampled the cheese and meat board as well as some hake scampi with curry mayo. The cheeses were all trusty, local options and the scampi was good enough for me to burn my tongue in my impatience. The cured meat board was where it got quite interesting with pidgeon, duck and an unusually fragrant paté alongside the customary salami.

Untitled-1vDrinks looked great, though suffering with a cold, I only managed a hot toddy. Anyone who’s feeling adventurous, try the blue cheese martini. I’d be very curious to hear your thoughts!


The Rummer

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