If you can’t face the queue for a table at Hally’s consider their cute little café across the road. A tempting proposition in it’s own right, Little H offers delicious food, classy coffee and a vibrant array of juices and smoothies to pick you up of a morning.When the sun shines London can be as lovely as anywhere you care to imagine. Moments of beautiful weather have made this summer stuck in London bearable and indeed, enjoyable. A weekend spent walking through the commons and out for brunch with my little sister was just such an occasion.

Headed for Hally’s I arrived early. The queue was visible from some distance. My heart sank. I wasn’t in the mood to stand and twiddle my thumbs no matter how trendy a brunch spot it was nor how tempted I was by the sound of their porridge with Granny Smith apple, agave & toasted almonds.


I was thrilled to remember they have a little sister café across the road which made for an ideal vantage point to rest my feet and wait for my own little sister. I have to say I felt pretty smug.


Never was there a more gratifying spot to watch the queue slurping a breakfast smoothie – banana, berries, oats, dates, chia seeds and almond milk.


Their menu is all about fresh, honest food inspired by California and Cape Town. Little H boasts an extensive juice and smoothie menu, not to mention some neat little breakfast options, baked goodies and gourmet sandwiches and salads. It’s an ideal spot to grab something to go but all in all, if you don’t mind perching at the bar, Little H is a great alternative to a wait outside Hally’s.

Little H

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