Whenever anyone criticises Manchester’s culinary credentials, I am the first to jump to its defence. I will concede that London blows most of the country out of the water in terms of variety and sheer volume of delicious dining spots but I definitely maintain there’s a world beyond the confines of the M25.

After a delicious brunch just down the road from home, all you can eat for £10 (prices are another compelling reason to eat out outside of the capital) we rolled on into town for a browse of the shops and of course a visit to some of my favourite foodie haunts.



When I do make it back up north there’s an area of town that draws me in time and time again. If ever there were proof that Manchester is a burgeoning foodie spot, the Northern Quarter is just that. Restaurants are shooting up out of every crevice of the revamped industrial hub now home to bars, independent boutiques and coffee shops. The beauty of it lies in it’s offbeat charm and in the fact that one bar is just a stones throw away from the next so hopping around from one to another is terrifically easy.

On returning and with my mum in tow, I decided a safe bet would be one my longstanding favourite venues, Bakerie which has long boasted some epic boards – create your own mixed platters. Maybe I was looking back through rose-tinted spectacles or maybe they were having an off day, but lunch was a touch disappointing. Admittedly we didn’t go for an iconic board in the knowledge we were going to be having a big dinner but it wasn’t really very special.



Thank goodness therefore, that we stopped off for a coffee and a cheeky slice of cake after a little more shopping. Takk is a relatively new kid on the block. Expanding their offering steadily they now have a delicious brunch offering to complement their cracking coffee. The pared-back space is relaxed and the staff extremely friendly.



With guest espresso there’s something to keep coffee connoisseurs coming back but it was their collaboration with In Truffle We Trust that had my interest peaked – they were absolutely scrumptious.


So was the lemon and poppy seed cake. Really, it was knockout. Takk is a star and a welcome addition to an already fabulous area.





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