Oh how I love a good brunch, in case you haven’t noticed…

Yolk has branches around the city. At the weekends you’ll have to jostle to get a table since the locals seem to have taken the place to heart, nor are the restaurants lacking in a tourist or two since it rates highly on the web. During the week though you should be fine, as we were.

The interior is a little underwhelming although true to the food – sunny and capacious. The menu extends over two sides with every combination of eggs and all sorts you could imagine. Sugar fiends are similarly spoilt for choice with any number of waffles, French toast and pancakes to choose from. A cinnamon bun helped fuel the brain to make a decision.

Untitled-1Prices are reasonable and portions, obscene. My ‘Tour de France’, French toast selection was a hefty, calorie-laden introduction to American breakfast culture. A slice of each – banana nut bread with peanut butter, sweet orange bread with orange sauce and lemon and poppy seed bread with blueberries. Despite being tooth-achingly sweet I enjoyed it tremendously.


The eggs royale served up across the table was similarly gigantic but again, so tasty that it was quickly demolished. Bottomless coffee is a novelty my jittery system wasn’t used to, I should have known better!


Other silly-sized portions of French toast we consumed at Brunch and D4.



There are brunch spots galore I would have liked to try but they will have to be saved for another visit.

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