Pining after the wanton excess of the breakfast buffet at the Steiner, it would seem after a mere week I have become accustomed, I decided the only way to ease back into London life, a big brunch out would be just the ticket.

I’m a big believer that brunch is the height of indulgence in dining terms. No one really needs it. You could generally muster up some morning sustenance from the kitchen cupboard, some toast, some cereal, some eggs, but there are days when that just doesn’t cut it. Days like that in my book are Boyce da Roca days.

Boyce da Roca on Streatham High Road is one of the trail-blazers catering for the new flock of ‘Yuppies’ (Young Urban Professionals) recently migrated from the likes of Clapham and Brixton, fleeing rising rents or else hoping to feather a more family-friendly nest for the future. Don’t get me wrong, this is absolutely not a slight on either group nor on the café. I probably fall into the first category, or have aspirations to at least.

To explain a bit what I mean, Boyce da Roca have set out their stall as a boutique coffee shop serving trendy, tasty food. They have embraced ‘reclamation chic’ in a big way in their Streatham branch and the quirky décor is likewise mirrored by new-wave fashion ‘super foods’ like chia seeds, kale and cocoa nibs which star in their smoothies and shakes. However it should be said that their freshly brewed coffee is something of a USP, served up in large bowls ‘à la européenne’ and can be enjoyed alongside some freshly baked and terrifically tempting cakes.


Bowlfuls of coffee give you an idea what this place is about… Portions are generous. Whilst compared to the immediate area (for the minute at least) they’re a little steeper than average you certainly get what you pay for. I could eat porridge for England and their bowl with banana, seeds and honey left even me defeated. Eager as I was to finish the last warm, silky spoonfuls, I’m trying to teach myself that sometimes, enough is as good as a feast.


Porridge isn’t all you can expect. Here breakfasts/brunches to suit every taste feature prominently; a ‘tarted-up’ full English with homemade baked beans or avocado smash on organic sourdough toast. The changing dishes of the day are advertised on their facebook page so it’s worth keeping an eye out for something up your street although with any of their scrummy sandwiches, salads or stews you can’t go far wrong.


The culinary triumphs are all the more miraculous in my opinion considering the miniature, open kitchen. The operation is pretty seamless and remarkably speedy given if I were to try and whip anything up in their postage-stamp workspace with three other people alongside me things would descend into chaos with alarming rapidity.

photo 2

Boyce da Roca have opened a new branch in Crystal Palace which seems to be going down a storm and no wonder. It’s does exactly what it says on the tin, good hearty, wholesome grub. Come with a rumbly tummy and leave warm and content.


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