Modern, minimalist and cool, Samatha Bed & Breakfast is an ideal place to set up camp and explore the picturesque Thai island of Koh Tao.

A must on the well-trodden travel route, it’s not difficult to understand the popularity of Koh Tao. Glorious white sand beaches, stunning diving and delicious Thai food, it comes pretty close to perfect. Admittedly the tourist presence dominates here although less brash than neighbouring Koh Samui it can get rowdy in the main area of Sairee Beach and you won’t struggle to find yourself a bar crawl or two so when it comes to accommodation, it pays to be a little out of town. This is where Samatha B&B shines. A two or three minute walk out of the main cluster of restaurants and hotels and slightly set back from the beach, this newly constructed chic B&B boasts a wide open ‘veranda-style’ restaurant and lounge on the ground floor with unique clothing pieces on sale.

Photo 29-07-2014 18 51 43

The rooms above mirror the industrial interior design, with exposed brickwork and polished concrete making this hotel way ahead of the curve in style terms. The spacious balcony offered a nice view of the sunset over the ocean and a perfect place to hang clothes to dry.

Photo 29-07-2014 18 35 55

Inclusive breakfasts are another bonus at Samatha and constitue tasty if standard fare; pancakes, fruit and muesli etc. The French toast quickly became a firm favourite. Don’t expect seconds though, or more coffee, they’re a little strict!

All in all, a great mid-high range option and definitely one I would return to if ever I get the chance and I’m very much hoping I do. Look out for another little post coming soon about things not to miss while on the island including one restaurant that has my heart as it is, without doubt, the best Thai food I’ve eaten to date, which is saying something!

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