Wander past the rough and ready tables that stretch in either direction outside the unassuming kitchen front of ‘The Joint’ and I defy anyone with a hearty appetite in search of a good feed not to stop.

First you’ll likely notice the other punters with sticky fingers and wide grins or otherwise with mouths gaping trying stretch them around the colossal burgers. Second, have a gander at the food itself; Dobbing great burgers and sticky fried sides all lathered with generous gloops of the smoky, sweet signature sauce.

the-joint-logoOn my first visit, tucked into our table, we went a bit overboard on the ordering. I blame indecision and therefore the time we spend roaming around finding where to eat for our excessively enthusiastic choices. Onion rings, corn fritters, fries and a burger each. This, for the record, is a gargantuan feast at The Joint. A burger alone will leave you adequately stuffed. Anyway, the onion rings were a triumph but I wouldn’t bother again with the corn fritters; they were a bit too doughy and not nearly ‘sweetcorny’ enough. Burger filling wise you have 3 choices, two featuring their 16hr pulled pork/chicken and now a short rib burger and, of course, a veggie option. I have tried both pork varieties and am sticking loyally to the Asian one. I loved the added chilli kick and the coleslaw.


Now, having tried both, I feel qualified to make a bit of a rogue claim. I honestly think the wraps on offer are superior to the burgers. You can get the same kind of fillings in both and, frankly, the wrap is much easier to eat so you lose less of the precious oozy juices and the brioche bun didn’t blow me away.


In an era of artisan burgers and pop ups galore, the prices don’t hurt too much either. You can expect to waddle away, feeling full, if slight guilty, for the handsome price of around £10.

Featuring on Tom Kerridge’s ‘Best Ever Dishes’ only augmented the notoriety of this little start-up. Go at peak times and you can expect to join a queue but on the plus side, they are on the whole, very good at keeping a check on who is next in line and it moves relatively quickly. We did manage to get a group booking secured for my friend’s birthday for a table of about 14, quite a coup, but the website has since started saying that they don’t accept reservations for Brixton. If you fancy descending en masse I would think about booking at their Marylebone branch.

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