A night out in Soho to catch up with a friend and you can be sure the location will be a winner. Wander around and within minutes your eyes will fall on more eateries you can count. Picking is the tricky part.

I’d already savoured one delicious lunchtime at Mildred’s so I was more than keen for a return trip.

With its quaint little frontage and outdoor tables, this vegetarian restaurant satisfies the demands of the edgy work crowd in situ with an eye-catching salad spread and takeaway service but they also offer à la Carte lunch and dinner. No one, bar the most stubborn of carnivores, will struggle to find something that tickles their fancy on the menu (it’s TripAdvisor rating speaks for itself).


Downside, they don’t accept bookings and when we pitched up at 7pm there was already a hefty 50 minute wait for a table of two. As much as I don’t mind grabbing a drink at the bar while you wait, it’s pretty much standing room only and it gets squishy very quickly. Expect to be offered ‘sharing tables’ at times to get seated quicker but this often just means sharing a table of four with another couple so not the best for a romantic evening. Upside has to be the elderflower martini. St. Germain liqueur… always a winner in my book.


Sadly the food we ordered was a tad underwhelming (the middle eastern platter with sides). Maybe I was just reminiscing through rose-tinted glasses or maybe the constraints of a busy service meant that the finer details that made it really sing last time were lost. Nevertheless, I’m can’t deny I’m particularly fond of the chilli feta dip.


On reflection, Mildred’s satisfies a certain niche. It’s brilliant for girlie catch up; a semi-virtuous meal with a good cocktail in a great location. However, after leaving a little deflated second time around I can only suggest that you pick a quieter time of day if you want to get the best out of the kitchen.

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