I have been working weekends. I’m not all that fond of it! However, on the flip side, it means sometimes I get days off midweek and those days can be spent baking.

Today was one such day and I filled it making oozy, gooey, chewy, chocolate chunk cookies.

We’ve been challenged to raise money for Comic Relief this year and one of the ways we’re trying to collect some coins is selling off handmade fudge, cards and now, cookies.

This recipe is one that my sister refined, batch by batch honing her quantities to the gram. I am sworn to secrecy though about the finer details. She only trusted it to me under ‘cross your heart, hope to die’ conditions.


I just wanted to post the pictures as I enjoyed my day experimenting quite so much. I promise that this is the only recipe I’ll ever post photos of without sharing but I can’t go giving away her hard work, she would hunt me down.

Fingers crossed they go down well and we make a pretty penny for a great cause!


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