If you’re ever looking for a romantic dinner destination in London, this is it. Clos Maggiore is the ultimate answer to date night. We made a bit of an evening of it and booked tickets to the theatre which is what led us to Clos Maggiore. Nestled in Covent Garden, this restaurant is a little idyll amidst the hustle and bustle.

Booking ahead is definitely a must and I would suggest asking for a table in the conservatory so that you can sit under the glorious canopy of white blossom and fairy lights. In summer they fully retract the roof so that you can dine under the stars which would be the icing on the cake if you’re after atmosphere. With the setting being quite so sumptuous, the cost of their pre-theatre menu feels like an absolute triumph. Guaranteed you will sit through your 2 or 3 courses feeling supremely smug.


Service was excellent, and better still, skirted the trap of being ‘overly’ attentive. One of my little bug bears, waiters filling my glass every other minute! Clos Maggiore boasts an extensive wine selection and, true to form, the pre-selected house red didn’t disappoint but the star of the show in both our eyes was the starter; confit duck leg with celeriac.


It’s worth ordering a coffee to get the accompanying delicate and delicious petit fours.


The bottom line is that it was superb value for money and the setting was stunning. I would absolutely love to book again. Once I’ve saved some pennies to go back to the theatre!

P.S. Literally as I was writing this post Clos Maggiore has just popped onto my television… Heston’s Recipe for Romance on Channel 4 is set here. The weirdest coincidence but I guess this review is unexpectedly timely!

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