Another throwback but a hotel review this time and it’s something knockout so really needed to be included at some stage. I was feeling like looking at the photos again so now is the time.


Lombok is probably not as well known to those doing the traveller routes in Indonesia, with most who venture past Bali taking the boat straight to the equally amazing Gili Islands. However, if you need a reason to visit, Qunci Villas would fit the bill.


We lined this stay up as a bit of a treat. Our adventure to Indonesia was only a far too brief two-week sojourn and so we thought we could splash out. You’ll look at the pictures and think we went crazy but actually it has to be taken in context. Lombok, in luxury hotel terms, is a steal. You just get a whole lot for your money.

Tucked around the corner of the coastline from the best-known tourist destination of Senggigi, Qunci Villas lines the sand on a quiet stretch of beach.

If you can plump for a sea view, do. If not, nothing to worry about, you’ll spend most of your time by the pool with the expanse of ocean laid out before you anyway.


Minor niggles… The rooms are beautifully decorated and feature spectacular ‘open-air’ showers but beyond the décor some of the added touches that really make a room special and cosy were missing; bottles of water, maybe some tea and coffee and an iron would certainly have been helpful. 

The hotel restaurants are pricey, certainly when you compare them to sourcing a local meal on the island. That said, street hawkers and warungs aren’t for everyone so if you want a wide array of well-presented fusion cooking staying in for lunch and dinner is definitely an option.

If you do fancy venturing out, however, pop along the beach to the little restaurant on the sand. They serve up delicious fresh fish with a local recipe salsas and vegetables. I wish I could remember what it was called but look out for the sign and you’ll know you’ve made it…


Breakfast is à la Carte and a little less generous than you might hope. I’m a bit of a breakfast person though so my greed may be influencing me a little. Sitting watching the waves whilst eating it, however, takes some beating.


The sunsets, mind you, come a close second.




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