Why blog, why now

I don’t really have an answer but it’s been a long time coming. After a whirlwind few months trying to settle into London life, a new job and a new flat I thought it would be worth stepping back for a minute, taking some time to myself and indulging in the things that make me happier than anything, food, travel (when I’m lucky enough to get away) and photography. I’ve neglected my, admittedly ambitious, list of restaurants, bars and places to visit of late and I figured that as I launch a new assault there was never a more opportune moment to start documenting some of my efforts.

Nothing noteworthy or out of the ordinary here, just hopefully an enjoyable read, a few lovely photos and the odd bit of advice for anyone who, like I do, follows their appetite around the world!

For the meantime, I’m planning a few retrospective posts for the places that I’ve already visited but, for one reason or another, absolutely must not go without mention.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I’m already having a wonderful time writing!

R x

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