This bakery has a special place in my heart. It’s just a gem. They have hit the nail on the head with the décor as well as the food. They offer delicious homemade cakes, pastries and sweet treats alongside terrific sandwiches and light meals.


It gets better because it’s not outlandishly priced either. Top tip not to miss… The brunch deal for €5 is absurdly good value and pretty much always delicious (bear in mind it changes weekly but you can find details in advance on their Facebook if you want to be certain to avoid disappointment). You get a coffee or tea, fruit salad with muesli or an orange juice and a mini croissant alongside the main dish. Pretty darn good.


They are also on trend with their dairy free/gluten free alternative offering, something generally quite alien to the Spanish. I regularly got odd looks for trying to order skimmed milk so you can imagine soy is not exactly all over the show.


They’ve expanded recently and no wonder.

Just go if you get the chance! In the meantime ogle their Facebook…


5 thoughts on “DULCE DE LECHE

  1. Mmmmm most beautiful and delicious blog soo lovely real dulce de leche :))) soo fresh and mouth watering yummmy I can’t wait to be there right now hope some day we have the chance to visit and eat there thanks for sharing this gem :))

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